"Culture is a company’s only sustainable competitive advantage."

-Mike McNamara, CEO Flex

Flex employees are risk takers and inventors, determined to create a smarter, more connected world to enrich the lives of people everywhere. 

Led by some of the industry’s most innovative minds, Flex has built a culture on a strong foundation of courage, tenacity and collaboration. Flex employees are bold thinkers and big doers. We look at what the future could be, and we gauge our successes against our own capabilities and our own potential.

The values that define Flex’s culture are:

  • Intense collaboration: We believe the whole of Flex is greater than its parts.
  • Passionate customer focus: We believe we win only when our customers win.
  • Thoughtful, fast, disciplined execution: We believe quality and efficiency get the job done.
  • Tenacious commitment to continuous improvement: We believe the path to success is Lean Six Sigma.

  • Relentless drive to win: We believe challenges are opportunities to create competitive advantage.


At Flex, we foster a culture where our people push the limits — and work together globally — to take innovation further than they ever imagined.

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